NYC Building Construction Sign-Off

Expert NYC Building Construction Sign-Off

Our expert NYC sign-off services help you contend with the most complex Building, Zoning, Plumbing, and Mechanical Code issues.

With its extensive knowledge of construction law, the Dumbo Design consulting team specializes in feasibility studies, Construction Code Determination Requests (CCD1s), amendments, fire safety, land use, and landmark services.

Our NYC building construction sign-off services includes the following specialties:

  • Mechanical / Plumbing / Electrical
  • Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Design
  • Foundation / Excavation
  • Sheeting, Shoring, and Underpinning
  • Structural Design
  • Sidewalk Sheds / Pipe Scaffolding

If you want help manuevering the complex world of engineering, contact us today!

NYC Building Construction Sign-Off